The Intertidal Wilderness, text and photographs by Anne Wertheim, Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, CA 1984.


The Intertidal Wilderness. By Anne Wertheim. Illustrated. 156 pp. (Sierra Club Books, Cloth, $25. Paper, $14.95.) In more than 100 color photographs and an accompanying de-scriptive text of highly technical scientific prose, this book explores the strange and colorful forms of life found in tidal pools up and down the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Baja California. Miss Wertheim's photographs are so arresting that readers may be tempted to feast their eyes but skip the prose.

The New York Times, Summer Reading, Nature & Outdoors, June 2, 1985, by Allen Lacy


"A combination textbook, field guide and coffee table book, The Intertidal Wilderness, provides a playful yet scholarly approach to appreciating the natural dynamics of tide pool ecology....The photographs bolster the text and captions with kaleidoscopic images....Anne Wertheim's book also repre-sents an edge: a boundary where art and science meet. So too, like an ecotone, this book is rich in information, rich in images."

The San Francisco Chronicle, July 30. 1985, by Harry E Demarest