The Intertidal Wilderness, text by Anne Wertheim Rosenfeld with Robert T. Paine, photographs, Anne Wertheim Rosenfeld, revised edition, University of California Press, 2002.


"...Besides being very artistic, Wilderness, is filled with interesting and scientifically accurate information. Unlike many books of this type, species are accurately identi-fied, up-to-date nomenclature is em-ployed, and a superb balance between plant and animal life is provided. Without tables, graphs and fancy statistics, Wilder-ness explains complex ecological rela-tionships and processes that shape the patterns of biodiversity on rocky shores. Clearly, the authors have fused art and science in producing a book of value to both knowledgeable students and the casual seashore observer.

California Coast & Ocean, Vol. 18, No. 3, (autumn, 2002), review by Steven N. Murray


"In The Intertidal Wilderness, photographer Anne Wertheim Rosenfeld and Robert Paine, Professor Emeritus of Zoology at the University of Washington. present a breathtaking pho-tographic exploration of the coastal tide-pools from Baja California to Alaska.... First published 17 years ago, this revised edition of The Intertidal Wilderness incorporates new scientific information, new photographs and even an additional chapter titled 'Nature's Variability: Understanding the Changing Pat-terns, Conserving the Species'. This conclud-ing section focuses on the effects of anthro-pogenic change on rocky shores: pollution, overfishing, introduction of exotic species and global warming....Some of the 119 color plates in the book are so artistically excep-tional that they could easily stand alone as framed prints. "

The Monterey County Herald, May 12, 2002, review by Bob Walch