Wave-Swept Shore: the Rigors of Life on a Rocky Coast, text by Mimi Koehl , photographs by Anne Wertheim Rosenfeld, University of California Press, 2006.


"Wave-Swept Shore' is a beautiful book that feels good in one's hands. The photographs by Anne Wertheim Rosenfeld show the rich textures life creates as it crowds into crevices, caves and pools or clings to rock faces. They combine with Koehl's lucid explanations to make scientific principles easy to understand, and help the reader to see how life and place are integrated." California Coast & Ocean, Vol. 21, No. 4 (Winter 2005-2996), review by HMH


"...Mimi Koehl...,a Berkeley professor, is an expert in biomechanics. She has made her mark in studying how the structures of organisms help them function in particular environments... Rosenfeld, by contrast, is a veteran nature photographer; eighty seven of her exquisite pictures of the creatures and microinhabitants along a short stretch of California coast provide an eye-catching and instructive accompaniment to Koehl's descriptive prose." Natural History, Bookshelf, 5/06, Laurence A. Marshall.


"It is often said that it takes a true expert to see the world at its most basic, fundamental level. In their recent book, Wave-Swept Shore, Mimi Koehl and Anne Wertheim Rosenfeld clearly demonstrate how their vast experience of poking around the world's shorelines has resulted not only in an intimate knowledge and understanding of the workings of the creatures that live there, but also an appreciation of the beauty of the rocky intertidal zone....Moreover, this book will also be enjoyed by anyone simply wanting to take a romp through the intertidal zone as seen through the eyes of one of the field's top practitioners, and the lens of an outstanding photographer....The photographic plates are astoundingly beautiful, and in both the text and the plates the authors do an amazing job of driving home how much diversity and beauty can be found in a single kilometer of rocky coastline." Ecology, Vol. 88, No. 1, Ecological Society of America, 2007, Brian Helmuth

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